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The 6 Million Dollar Lead Generation Blueprint

Posted by Greg Schraff

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Two years ago, I introduced The Lead Generation Blueprint. There were 15 steps, organized into three overarching or guiding principles: your Target Market, your Offer, and your Services. It was the first of its kind to organize all of the marketing elements required for lead generation into an outline for your own efforts.

But a blueprint is just that, an outline to follow. It does not contain the step-by-step instructions on how to build something. So out of necessity – because I found no such “how to” instructions for generating leads – I created my own: The Lead Generation System™.

In the process of creating The Lead Gen System™, I refined and optimized the original Lead Generation Blueprint. What results is what I’m calling The Lead Generation Blueprint Version 2.0.

I’ve streamlined the original Blueprint from 15 to 9 steps by eliminating a couple pieces that weren't core to lead generation. And I combined a couple elements into a single step. I also re-worked the three overarching principles into the 9 steps themselves. The result is a much tighter and clearer Blueprint. Just like Steve Austin . . . better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster! But you can judge for yourself. 

the lead generation blueprintSuccessful lead generation requires that you understand your customer and align all elements of your marketing with the process your prospects undertake when they make the decision to work with you. Below are the 9 essential steps to follow as a guide to creating your own lead generation machine.


1. Focus on One Product or Service

Identify the product or service that is most valuable to your prospects; this is usually what you do best and what you enjoy most.

2. Identify Your Best Customer

Understand the person who gets the most value out of your product or service, and who most often leads to success.

3. Talk with the Customer

Talk with your customers to understand what they are thinking and look at your business from their point of view.

4. Bring the Customer to Life

Put the customer in the center of your business and treat them like real people.

5. Answer Your Customer’s Questions

Know the questions your prospects have at each stage of the sales process and answer them with your marketing.

6. Offer What They Want

Create an Offer that aligns with your prospects intent and promote the solution they are looking for.

7. Identify the Best Marketing Channel

Know which marketing channel is best at reaching and resonating with your target market.

8. Make It Easy to Be Found

Use the words your prospects are searching for, the words they use to find what they are looking for help with.

9. Create & Launch Your Campaign

Put in a "system" for generating leads that actually works.


Disjointed marketing tools, channels and tactics means it’s tough to consistently get leads because the experience for your prospects feels disconnected. The Lead Generation Blueprint is the first step in coordinating your marketing efforts.

lead generation blueprint

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