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6 Tips to Generate Qualified Leads From Social Media

Posted by Greg Schraff

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Social media is excellent for sharing relevant content and nurturing relationships online, and it benefits all phases of digital marketing.6 tips for social media leads

Basically, every phase of the customer journey is affected, from attracting visitors to generating qualified leads to closing sales and delighting customers. 

Given the importance of social media to your marketing success, here are 6 best practices to follow. 

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1. Optimize your company’s profile

  • Include company image or logo
  • Add brief description of what your company does – reflective of your purpose
  • Add a link to your website


2. Share relevant industry content

  • Social media doesn’t revolve around you but around engagement with your followers; share content that your prospects would find helpful (e.g., share relevant content from your industry network)
  • Establish yourself as helpful resource and thought leader
  • Effectiveness relates directly to how relevant your posts are to your audience - it’s all about the value you add to your industry and network


3. Create a social media management style guide

  • This ensures brand, grammatical, and images consistency online
  • Don’t overuse hash tags, especially when they don’t relate to your brand
  • Establish tone of voice that reflects brands personality


4. Publish on a consistent basis

  • How often depends on what network you are in
  • Twitter – frequent posts several times a day
  • Facebook and LinkedIn – a couple of times per week


5. Include links when relevant


6. Review your social media ROI

  • Monitor social activity routinely
  • Utilize automated platforms, such as HubSpot, to create efficiency


Follow these tips for a B2B social media strategy that grows your network of followers - you must get critical mass before the needle starts to move.

The amount of interactions a piece of content or article has on social media the more visitors your site will attract (search engines are now using Social Proof - actual votes of confidence based on the number of clicks - to measure high quality content).

Attracting visitors to your site is obviously the first step in generating leads. Links used in posts can drive visitors to landing pages with content from which they engage and convert.

Closing qualified leads becomes easier when you build trust online over time when you provide meaningful content on social media, which will greatly enhance your ability to create sales.

And finally use social media to receive and offer real-time feedback, delighting customers by providing excellent service, which turns customers into brand advocates!

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