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3 Solutions to The Biggest Small Business Digital Marketing Mistake

Posted by Greg Schraff

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The most common mistake I see among small and mid-sized business are websites that promote a laundry list of services to deliver on a vague offering for a wide range of target markets.focus on these 3 things for more B2B leads

It’s easy to understand why businesses and professionals naturally end up with such a broad approach to their marketing: they feel it’s necessary to cast a wide net in order to catch the most fish, and that by focusing you will be losing out on business.

But, by not having a focused approach to your marketing you are already losing out on business – your customers don’t see what they are looking for because your offer is too generic, and as a result they move on.

By concentrating on these three core elements of your business you can better reach your target audience, appeal to their specific needs, attract them as visitors, and eventually convert them to B2B leads.

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Before we get to what these three core elements are, we first need to understand the market conditions that make it so incredibly important that you focus your approach . . .

It’s well documented, with more studies coming out every day, that roughly 70% of customers make their buying decision before they talk with someone in an organization.

What this means is that your customers are getting the information they need to make a purchase decision before reaching out to you directly (Tweet This!).  And most of where they are getting their information is online. 

So, if you aren’t answering your customers’ questions through your online marketing, media, content, and messaging, there’s a pretty good change that your competitor is.

In order to tailor your marketing to answer the questions your customers are asking, you have to first know what the questions are. To do this, you must create customer focused marketing by concentrating on these three elements:

  1. Target Market: Focusing on your Target Market allows you to understand who your customer is – what they are looking for, what keeps them up at night, the questions they are looking to have answered, and how your business addresses this.
  1. Offer: Focusing on your Offer allows you to communicate with your customers in a way they understand so they clearly see the unique value you provide.
  1. Services: Focusing on your Services allows you to deliver on your customers’ question and provide what it is they are looking for. 

Casting a wide net really only works for large, multi-national companies who have a diverse portfolio of products and services and need to expand into new markets in order to sustain their growth. You, however, are not a multi-national.

As a small to mid-sized business your need to ‘focus’ is key to your success, especially for those of us selling high-fee services.

Having laser-like focus on these three areas means that both you and your prospects are always crystal clear about what makes your business valuable, unique, and worth the fees you charge.

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