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Create Stunning Graphics for Your Small Business Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Greg Schraff

It’s a visual (marketing) world we live in.

And content is one of your best marketing vehicles.

More and more content is being created and consumed via video, social media (which is highly visual), infographics and more. And that which is actually written needs to factor in ‘readability’ - which means including images and graphics.

As a small business, entrepreneur, solopreneur, or anyone that lacks the resources to create professional looking graphics, this post is for you.

Below are two, indispensable, free tools that you can use to create high quality, professional looking graphics to boost your small business marketing campaigns. (Hell, I produced the graphic you see above in less than 15 minutes!)


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Humanize Marketing & Build Trust Online

Posted by Greg Schraff

Two Ways to Regain the Trust of your Customers  

A previous blog post on Thought Leadership Marketing discussed why consumers don’t trust brands and the impact of this mistrust on your marketing.

Given the level of skepticism that exists, as a brand, how do you reach and resonate with your target audience? 

One place to start is to rebuild the trust online. As a business leader, there are two ways to do this.

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Is Your Blogging Routine Or Best Practice?

Posted by Greg Schraff

It’s easy to fall into comfortable, familiar routines.

Routines become the preferred way of doing things because they are often the easiest, quickest ways of getting things done.

As it relates to your marketing, however, routines can be harmful if what you are doing - for examle, how you write your blogs - isn’t optimal.

For this reason, it’s important from time-to-time to review best practices to validate your process.

Today we are going to review blogging best practices to see what you may be doing well and where there is room for improvement.

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Small Business Blogs: How Often Should You Post?

Posted by Greg Schraff

If you are reading this post it probably means that you recognize the importance of blogging but aren’t doing it yourself, or aren’t doing it effectively, and you are looking for help.

This is the second of a four part series on small business blogging best practices. In the first post we talked about how to generate blogs that your customers and prospects actually want to read

In this post we are going to answer the question, How often should you post for your small business blogs to be effective? (Tweet This!)

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Get Started, Keep Going, and Maximize your Small Business Blogs

Posted by Greg Schraff

Resources to help you be the best blogger you can be! 

The benefits of blogging cannot be disputed.

In fact, here are 3 ways blogging improves your business' bottom line.

My clients are constantly asking me about how to get started, how to best take advantage of, or how to write better, more effective blogs.

So, to make things easier for everyone, including you, I created this quick list of resources to help you get the most marketing value out of your small business blogs.

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The 3 Ways Small Business Blogging Boosts Your Bottom Line

Posted by Greg Schraff

Why blog? Why bother? 

In theory, blogging seems like a good idea – you’re a small business owner who has a ton of great ideas, insight, and knowledge. What better way to share your area of expertise than writing a blog?

In practice, however, blogging is something that takes discipline, planning, and a basic understanding of keyword optimization. It also takes time to write a compelling blog - something people actually want to read - and as a business owner, who has the time?

Despite these challenges, there are three very good reasons to blog, reasons that positively impact your bottom line and ultimately make it worth your time. 

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5 Quick Tips for Creating Compelling Small Business Blogs

Posted by Greg Schraff

What every small business owner needs to know about writing compelling small business blogs without having to be a marketing consultant

As a small business owner you are an expert in your product or service offerin
g. You also know that blogging is an important and powerful medium by which you can express and communicate your expertise. But you aren’t a small business marketing consultant, nor do you want to be, and blogging is something for which you have more questions than answers.

Below are 5 tips that will get you started down the road towards producing effective and compelling small business blogs on a consistent basis.

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