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How To Successfully Map Your Marketing to the Customer Journey

Posted by Greg Schraff

What if you knew the questions your customers and prospects were asking at each stage of the sales process? (Tweet This!)

If this were possible, you could reach out to them at any point in time and address their needs.

This surely would create satisfied prospects, and would most certainly move them along the customer journey, one step closer to buying your product or service.

Well, this is no hypothetical scenario. This is something you can actually execute yourself.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Lead Management

The Lead Conversion Equation Explained

Posted by Greg Schraff

The Customer Buying Cycle: Know Where Your Prospects Are & How to Reach Them

Because customers proactively seek product and service information on their own, their exposure to your business is often outside of your control, and their decision process is anything but linear.

Despite these challenges, it is possible to map the path your prospects take when deciding to buy your service.

The customer buying cycle, or customer journey, enables you to understand the steps your customers take as they consider, evaluate, buy and interact with your service.

And knowing where your prospects are in their decision process is critical to generating qualified leads.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Lead Management

6 Ways to Segment Your Customers That Result in More Qualified Leads

Posted by Greg Schraff

The first step in lead generation is to identify your customers and their needs

Only after you thoroughly understand your customer can you proceed to the second step - positioning your messaging in a way that will reach and resonate with them. 

The second step in creating a successful lead generation machine is to connect intuitively with your customers by crafting and sending a message they understand and believe, and which is relevant and useful to their needs.

The best way to do this is to segment your customers. Segmentation is a marketing exercise that allows you to better target your market with relevant messaging and the proper marketing channel.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Lead Management

The 4 Sales Benefits of Talking with Your Customers

Posted by Greg Schraff

The primary goal of marketing is to reach customers at the moments that most influence their decisions. 

It’s well documented that more and more buyers are making their purchase decision before speaking with someone in an organization, so reaching customers further upstream, in their consideration and evaluation phase, is paramount.

But equally important as reaching your customer is resonating with them.

Effective marketing language must be relevant, valuable, and useful. In other words, you have to understand your customers very well if you expect to create messaging that resonates and builds trust online.

The best way to understand your customers is to speak with them directly.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Lead Management

The 1st Step to More Leads Online: Customer Identification

Posted by Greg Schraff

Generating leads is not easy. It requires hard work and (proverbial) perspiration.

It’s not just the level of effort that equates to results, however. Like any other business activity, having a process or a plan in place will produce better results, more efficiently and more effectively.

It’s the same with lead generation. For this reason, we’ve created a blueprint for generating B2B leads online. 

A blueprint is used as a reference or guide. Like any good blueprint, digetry’s Lead Gen Blueprint is a plan that documents how something needs be built (you can get a complete description of the Blueprint here).

As you can see from the Blueprint itself, there are many component parts, each of which has its own set of details.

In this post, we are going to look at the first element in the Blueprint, Customer Identification - knowing who your customers are and what they are looking for - to understand how it fits into the larger online lead conversion process.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Lead Management

How Long-Tail Keywords Produce Qualified Leads

Posted by Greg Schraff

Beyond the Bottom of the Sales Funnel – The Case for Long-Tail Keywords 

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC. It’s an online marketing conference with several marque headliners attracting attendees mostly from the southeastern United States.

One session I attended talked about the intersection of the traditional sales funnel, the customer buying cycle, and SEO, highlighting the value of long-tail keywords within this three-way intersection.

Traditionally, long-tail keywords are not associated with ‘value’, as they tend to generate lower search volume, and thus low value when it comes to driving SEO traffic. But Michael Stricker of SEMrush, who gave the presentation, makes a strong case for reevaluating the ‘value’ of long-tail keywords in generating qualified B2B leads.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey, SEO

Empowered Consumers Drive Marketing: 3 Reasons They Mistrust Brands

Posted by Greg Schraff

Why Consumers Are Skeptical of Online Marketing

The previous blog post on thought leadership discussed why brands must transform marketing from something most people hate to something that they love, and how this type of shift in strategy can be more easily accomplished by thought leadership marketing.

But it’s important to cover what’s behind this need to shift strategy, and it has to do with the fact that consumers, whether they be B2C or B2B, don’t trust brands anymore.

Empowered consumers drive marketing, and there are three key reasons they don't trust brands.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey, Thought Leadership

How Buyer Personas Dramatically Improve Digital Marketing

Posted by Greg Schraff

Every organization, regardless of its business model, can benefit from a buyer persona. 

“What is a buyer persona?” you ask, “And why is it important?”

If you are going to spend time and money on your digital marketing – which you already are –  you better make sure that your efforts are on target. And in order to be on target, you need to know who you are marketing to. Buyer personas help you to do this.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey

Build Trust Online and Close More Sales

Posted by Greg Schraff

Every day, people form impressions of brands from touch points such as advertisements, articles, conversations with family and friends, and product experiences. Unless consumers are actively shopping, much of this exposure may appear wasted, but it is not. 

What happens when something triggers the impulse to buy?

These accumulated impressions then become crucial because they shape the initial-consideration set: the small number of brands consumers regard at the outset as potential purchasing options.

The accumulated experiences are part of a journey the customer takes when interacting with your brand. This customer j ourney is referred to as the Decision Journey or Customer Buying Cycle . We’ve defined the Customer Buying Cycle in previous posts , and today we are going to provide an example it in action – what does this look like in practice, and how can it lead serve to build trust online with your prospects and customers, and ultimately close more sales.
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Topics: Customer Decision Journey

The Customer Drives Your Small Business Digital Marketing

Posted by Greg Schraff

Today’s empowered consumers are driving the marketing equation by changing the way they research and buy products and services. If your marketing hasn’t changed in response, it should! 

Marketing has one goal: to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. But the traditional way of marketing has changed. It is no longer a linear process, where you followed your marketing checklist to success, but instead the process is now circular (at best!).

For many reasons (covered in other blog posts on this topic), the rules have changed.

Customers have moved outside the purchasing funnel - more and more studies point to the fact that 70+% of buyers make the purchase decision before speaking with someone in an organization - and have changed the way they research and buy products and services. If your marketing hasn’t changed in response, it should.

To be effective, marketing now needs to be about the complete customer experience

Today, you must have a customer centric marketing perspective - you must get in the customers’ shoes and look at your product or service from their point of view.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey

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