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10 Personalization Tactics For More Email Leads

Posted by Greg Schraff

Use These Techniques to Create Targeted Email That Result In More Sales Leads

Although email has lost some of its luster as a marketing channel (primarily because it has been around so long and because it has been abused, email is still one of the most effective lead generation and sales tools at your disposal. 

In previous posts on the topic we’ve covered why it’s paramount to define a clear goal for your email and the importance of segmenting your recipient list. We are going to continue the theme of email marketing best practices by covering another key component of successful email: personalization.

Here are 10 great ways to ‘get personal’ and generate more email leads for your business. (Tweet This!)

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Segment Your List and Generate More Email Leads

Posted by Greg Schraff

6 Ways to Create Segmented Email Lists That Lead to Higher Open and Click-Through Rates

There are many advantages of email marketing, as we’ve explored in previous posts, from establishing yourself as a thought leader, to reinforcing your brand, promoting your content, building trust online, and, most importantly, generating email leads. 

Email however, as we all know, is too often abused as a marketing channel. As a marketer, it is important that you follow best practices in order to stay above the email blasts and spam that inundate our inboxes.

One such best practice is to ensure that every email has a goal. Another one that will build trust amongst your customers and prospects is to segment your email recipient list.

Here are 6 ways to create segmented email lists that lead to higher open and click-through rates. (Tweet This!)

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Embrace Change & Realize the Advantages of Email

Posted by Greg Schraff

Forrester and Direct Marketing News (DMN) survey of 132 business-to-business (B2B) marketing executives reveals that marketing leaders struggle to show how marketing programs influence their business. The report concludes that in order for B2Bs to start seeing ROI they need a change of marketing strategy. Specifically, they need to: 

1. Shift from historical communications, promotion, and lead management focus toward the customer, and create more engaged customer relationships that also derive new insight from each encounter.

2. Factor risk and reward criteria into the marketing mix choices based on how well programs create differentiated experiences that customers value.

The emphasis in both points is on customer focus, customer engagement, and customer experience.

We've talked about creating a more customer focused marketing approach before, but let’s look at how this can be accomplished in a single marketing channel: email.

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Despite Challenges, There Are Still Advantages of Email

Posted by Greg Schraff

There are still advantages of email marketing, but the landscape has changed, and you have to take these changes into account when launching email campaigns. 

Email. Oh, what to do with email. In internet years, email seems so old. The workhorse of early online marketing when it was still a novelty and people were excited about checking their inbox (remember, “You’ve Got Mail!”)

Now, people dread opening their inbox in anticipation of the inundation of email they’ve received, most of which is junk or unwanted.

From a marketer’s perspective, this makes email marketing difficult: with all the volume and clutter it’s hard reach your audience and generate email leads.

Given this challenging environment, are there still advantages of email marketing? 

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Every Small Business Email Needs a Goal – Here’s Why

Posted by Greg Schraff

The Advantages of Email Marketing for Your Business' Growth

There are many advantages of email for small business marketing. Email allows you to:

  • Establish yourself as a credible thought leader
  • Promote your content (e.g., blogs and offers)

  • Reinforce your brand strength

  • Keep your company top of mind in the sales process

Speaking of the sales process, what is the best way to use email for the ultimate end goal of your marketing - that of generating qualified sales leads and converting these leads into customers?

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Small Business Email Rates Decreasing? This Could be Why.

Posted by Greg Schraff

Are you noticing that your email open and click-through rates aren’t what they used to be?

There could be a variety of reasons for this, but the most important one could be that almost half of your emails are unreadable  . . .   

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