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The Only 4 (Free) Tools You Need to Generate Leads Online

Posted by Greg Schraff

There are many different ways to generate leads, and many more tools to help you do so.

As a small business – or anyone else doing it on their own, including solopreneurs, startups, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed – you don’t have the time or resources to research, let alone pay for and use, all of the lead generation tools available to you.

To help you, I’ve written this post. It covers the absolute minimal requirements and the 4 tools you need in order to quickly and easily start to capture leads for your business – all for free.

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Create Stunning Graphics for Your Small Business Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Greg Schraff

It’s a visual (marketing) world we live in.

And content is one of your best marketing vehicles.

More and more content is being created and consumed via video, social media (which is highly visual), infographics and more. And that which is actually written needs to factor in ‘readability’ - which means including images and graphics.

As a small business, entrepreneur, solopreneur, or anyone that lacks the resources to create professional looking graphics, this post is for you.

Below are two, indispensable, free tools that you can use to create high quality, professional looking graphics to boost your small business marketing campaigns. (Hell, I produced the graphic you see above in less than 15 minutes!)


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1 Tip to Turn Your Landing Page Into a Killer Marketing Channel

Posted by Greg Schraff

All the best landing pages have this one thing in common

There are a lot of different best practices when it comes to creating landing pages, from your page layout and design, to the copy you use, the CTA button color and shape, the image, and more.

You also need to take into consideration who it is you are trying to attract. Is your audience B2C or B2B? What industries do they represent? The different personas of people who buy your product and service? And where these people are in the customer journey (evaluating a product or service, more seriously considering, or making a purchase decision)?

Given all of these variables, there are many, many content combinations you can apply when creating a landing page.

Regardless of the different permutations, there is one thing that your landing page has to have in order to be a killer marketing channel for your business.

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Topics: Landing Pages, Offers, & CTAs

Generate More Qualified Leads with A Better Call-to-Action

Posted by Greg Schraff

There are four parts to the lead conversion process. 

In previous posts on this topic we covered three of them. In this post we will cover the last item, the Call-to-Action (CTA), and provide tips on how to create one that really works well.

To review, the four parts of the lead conversion process fit together like this: Offer > CTA > Landing Page > Thank You Page.

The CTA promotes the Offer. It is the actual button that prompts visitors to click on the offer you’re giving away. All four parts need to be working in concert if you want to optimize online lead management and generate qualified leads, and the CTA has a very important role in this process.

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Topics: Landing Pages, Offers, & CTAs

8 Keys to Landing Pages that Improve Your Lead Conversion

Posted by Greg Schraff

The sole purpose of the Landing Page is to convert website visitors into qualified leads by promoting an Offer (and receiving their personal information in exchange).

But this definition doesn’t do the Landing Page justice. It’s more than that.

The Landing Page is the heart of the lead conversion process, literally and figuratively. Sandwiched between the Call-to-Action and the Thank You page, the Landing Page is the life-force of your conversion path.

As such, it needs to be done right. Below is a list of 8 best practices that must be in every landing page if you expect that page to be successful, to convert visitors to qualified leads.

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Topics: Landing Pages, Offers, & CTAs

The Most Common Mistake With Generating B2B Leads

Posted by Greg Schraff

Why the Thank You page is an often overlooked, but extremely
important piece of the online lead conversion process. 

The online lead generation process is like a chain that is only as strong as its weakest link ( Tweet This!).

Each element – Offer, CTA, Landing Page, Thank You page  links to the next, and if one is missing or poorly executed your prospective lead will drop out of the process, potentially lost forever.

Too many times I see businesses fail on one or more of these elements. Unfortunately, if just one of the four is not in place or is poorly executed your entire lead conversion efforts are at risk.

Here is why all four elements are important, and why the Thank You Page is often the source of poorly executed conversion paths.
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Topics: Landing Pages, Offers, & CTAs

12 Offers That Trigger Lead Generation

Posted by Greg Schraff

It’s a fact: the more landing pages you have the more small business leads you generate. HubSpot reports a 55% increase in leads when increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15.

Landing pages are at the heart of the lead conversion process, which includes: 

Call-To-Action  >  Landing Page  >  Thank You Page

But before you get to any of this, you need something else first, the thing that triggers the entire lead conversion process: the Offer!

Keep reading to learn what constitutes a good offer and get 12 examples of what you can use as an offer for your own lead generation success

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Topics: Landing Pages, Offers, & CTAs

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