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The Process for Creating a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Posted by Greg Schraff


You’ve done all the research and work required to understand your Target Market, craft your Offer, and align your Services to reach and resonate with the best sales prospects and customers for your business.

Now it’s time to put it all into action! 

It’s time to create a campaign that draws upon all the steps in the Lead Generation Blueprint and start generating new sales leads online!

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Topics: Digital Strategy & Marketing, SEO, Lead Management

3 Keyword Best Practices for Lead Generation

Posted by Greg Schraff

When it comes to lead generation, keywords is what everything is built upon . . . your web and landing pages, blog posts, offers, emails, even the conversations you have with your customers.

As such, keywords help in all four phases of the customer journey: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. 

When it comes to lead conversion it’s the first two phases that we’re interested in.

Attract – Keywords help prospects understand what your business does; Create content that includes keywords that can be found by search engines!

Convert – Now that we’ve attracted people to site, use keywords in your offers to convert visitors to leads!

Below are three best practices to help create a keyword strategy that results in more qualified leads for your company.

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Topics: Digital Strategy & Marketing, SEO

How Long-Tail Keywords Produce Qualified Leads

Posted by Greg Schraff

Beyond the Bottom of the Sales Funnel – The Case for Long-Tail Keywords 

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC. It’s an online marketing conference with several marque headliners attracting attendees mostly from the southeastern United States.

One session I attended talked about the intersection of the traditional sales funnel, the customer buying cycle, and SEO, highlighting the value of long-tail keywords within this three-way intersection.

Traditionally, long-tail keywords are not associated with ‘value’, as they tend to generate lower search volume, and thus low value when it comes to driving SEO traffic. But Michael Stricker of SEMrush, who gave the presentation, makes a strong case for reevaluating the ‘value’ of long-tail keywords in generating qualified B2B leads.

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Topics: Customer Decision Journey, SEO

Mobile’s All-Important Impact on Your Small Business SEO

Posted by Greg Schraff

I recently wrote about the increase in SEO activity due to the increase in content marketing: in an effort to draw attention to a brand’s products and services, more and more content is being produced and as a result search-engine-optimization plays a major role in the success of the content marketing campaign.

If SEO’s importance is increasing, then what is the relationship of SEO and another area of rapid growth - mobile devices?

Each year the number of people who rely on mobile devices for their search and browsing needs rises. The businesses that make the greatest amount of effort to service these consumers will be the ones getting the most visibility and the most new business.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at small business SEO requirements, mobile, and its impact on your business. (Tweet This!)

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Topics: SEO

SEO Has Never Been More Important to Build Trust Online

Posted by Greg Schraff

What good is your content if no one can find it? 

This is the question posed in a recent Ad Age article on the re-emergence of organic search, or SEO - services meant to boost a marketer’s search results often without the use of paid media. It is also a question I posted in past blog posts

The Ad Age article discusses the increase in SEO activity due to the increase in content marketing. As more content is produced in an effort to draw attention to a brand’s products and services, search-engine-optimization plays a major role in the success of a campaign.

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Topics: SEO

The ‘Golden Rule’ of Small Business SEO (And How To Apply It)

Posted by Greg Schraff

Understand your customers’ needs and create SEO requirements that satisfies those needs 

The rules of search engine optimization (SEO) are constantly evolving.

Primarily due to Google changing how they evaluate and rank web pages, there are many ‘best’ practices that have become out of date or simply were never valid in the first place.

That said, there is one ‘Golden Rule' of SEO that is very relevant for how you should approach not only small business SEO but your marketing strategy in general.

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Four Small Business SEO Pitfalls You Need to Avoid

Posted by Greg Schraff

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something every small business needs to be doing – your web pages and content are out there, online 24/7, and if it isn’t optimized for organic search you are missing out on the opportunity to attract new prospects who are searching, on a daily basis, for what you have to offer.

But while SEO presents a large upside for a relatively low level of effort, there is also a steep downside if done incorrectly.

Here are four pitfalls and challenges to small business SEO that you need to avoid in order to protect your company’s reputation and search result rankings. 


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Topics: SEO

5 Step Small Business SEO Assessment

Posted by Greg Schraff

Easily Test the Effectiveness of Your Small Business SEO

Let’s face it, while SEO, search engine optimization, is common practice it is also viewed as a bit of black magic. 

Unless you’ve worked as a SEO marketer, there is a shroud or mystery.

I’m here to tell you, however, that it’s not mysterious at all. The behind the scenes algorithms may be, but understanding how it works on your web page is not.

Follow these 5 simple steps to measure the effectiveness of your small business SEO.

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