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Use Twitter to Increase Leads Online, For Free

Posted by Greg Schraff

At one point, not long ago, I was not too keen on Twitter’s ability to generate clicks and leads.

But I’ve since changed my mind. 

I’ve learned first-hand that Twitter actually can be very effective at lead generation – to the tune of over one new lead a day, and growing. And this from having zero leads a day just 6 months ago.

Best of all, I’m not spending a dime of my money to do this, just the time and effort I put in.

Here’s how I learned to use Twitter to increase my leads online, for Free!


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Create Stunning Graphics for Your Small Business Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Greg Schraff

It’s a visual (marketing) world we live in.

And content is one of your best marketing vehicles.

More and more content is being created and consumed via video, social media (which is highly visual), infographics and more. And that which is actually written needs to factor in ‘readability’ - which means including images and graphics.

As a small business, entrepreneur, solopreneur, or anyone that lacks the resources to create professional looking graphics, this post is for you.

Below are two, indispensable, free tools that you can use to create high quality, professional looking graphics to boost your small business marketing campaigns. (Hell, I produced the graphic you see above in less than 15 minutes!)


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B2B Social Media Best Practices - 4 Common Small Business Mistakes

Posted by Greg Schraff

I have found that the best platforms for small business social media marketing, particularly businesses selling professional services, are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

I'll explain why I particularly like these three for B2B social media in a seperate post, but the focus of this post is four common mistakes I see many small businesses make in all three of these platforms, all of which negatively impact your social media lead generation capabilities.

The common mistake I see many businesses make on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook is not following B2B social media best practices in each of these areas:

1)  Page profile

2)  Type of content being posted

3)  Frequency of posts

4)  Use of links within the posts

Let's look at each of these in detail.


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Don't Expect Twitter to Drive B2B Sales Leads

Posted by Greg Schraff

Twitter is Good for Branding, but Not for Driving Traffic

When people say to me, “I don’t get Twitter” I ask them to think of a highway billboard: 

  • You don’t have a lot of time to read it before you pass it by
  • You have to be on the highway to view it
  • And you see a lot of billboards along the road

Most of the billboard messages are forgettable, but some stand out. The one’s you remember are usually well crafted and, most importantly, are relevant to your needs.

Unless you are hungry and the billboard advertises a restaurant, rarely do they cause you to take action. Billboards are, for the most part, an in-the-moment branding exercise.

Twitter is similar. In fact by its very definition – limited to 140 characters – Twitter’s brevity makes it an incredibly poor mechanism for engaging the user and driving traffic to your website.

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6 Tips to Generate Qualified Leads From Social Media

Posted by Greg Schraff

Social media is excellent for sharing relevant content and nurturing relationships online, and it benefits all phases of digital marketing.

Basically, every phase of the customer journey is affected, from attracting visitors to generating qualified leads to closing sales and delighting customers. 

Given the importance of social media to your marketing success, here are 6 best practices to follow. 

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Can Social Media Drive Sales? Or is it Just a Tasty Pastry?

Posted by Greg Schraff

Social media is sexy, but can it actually generate B2B leads? 

In previous posts on this subject I wrote about how social media influences the different stages of the customer journey.

In this post I’m going to drill down further and answer the question, can social media drive sales?

Can it be used to generate B2B leads or is social media more like a tasty pastry - looks and tastes good but not helping your waistline (or in the case of your business, your bottom line)?

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Twitter’s ‘Buy’ Button Impact on Small Business Social Media

Posted by Greg Schraff

What Effect, If Any, Will Twitter’s ‘Buy’ Button have on B2B?

In a recent article by Carl Holmquist on B2BMarketing.net, he correlates one of my favorite subjects, the customer journey, or customer decision journey, with Twitter’s proposed launch of a ‘buy’ button – the ability for users to shop directly from tweets.Twitter_Buy_Button-1

In theory, the ‘buy’ button seems like a great idea. In practice, however, not so much. I say this not only because I agree with Holmquist’s conclusion that the customer journey is incongruous with the concept of the ‘buy’ button, but also because a ‘buy’ button on Twitter has very little to offer small business social media, or the B2B marketplace in general.



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2 Tips to Add Value to Your Small Business Social Media

Posted by Greg Schraff

Why Social Media is Actually Important

Have you created social media accounts because you felt you had to, not because you understand its impact on your marketing and sales?

And do you question social media’s value because you don’t see the results?

I was the same way.

My opinion on small business social media changed, however, when I did these two things.

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