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The Lead Gen System™




  1. a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular.

  2. a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.

Welcome to digetry’s Lead Gen System™ !

I created this System out of a need in my own business to generate leads on a consistent and predictable basis.

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My background is online marketing and sales. I’ve worked at companies such as Adobe and AOL, as well as digital marketing agencies whose clients included The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast, AARP, XM Radio and other mainstream brands. But I quickly realized that being an experienced marketing and sales professional didn’t mean that as someone starting a business from scratch I knew how to generate leads!

Yes, there are many tools and channels that you can use to get leads – trade shows and conferences, professional networking groups, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, HubSpot, Infusionsoft and Sumo, email, SEO, paid media, content marketing, landing pages and on and on.

But these tools are just that, devices or implements used to carry out a particular function. Not only do you need to know how to use the tool, but you also need to know how to apply the tool in relation to what you are trying to do, whether that be driving traffic, building brand, increasing sales, or in this case, getting leads.

And, there’s no lack of advice, opinions, and tactics on how to generate leads. There are countless articles, podcasts, infographics, webinars, seminars, white papers and more, but I found nothing that connects all the tools and tactics into an organized scheme or method for lead generation.

There is no set of principles and procedure according to which leads can be generated on a consistent and predictable basis. Until now.

So I went ahead and created one. It took a while, and there was plenty of trial and error, but over time I developed a system that works.

And now I’ve made it available to you.

The Lead Gen System™ consists of 9 Modules that, when completed, will serve as your business’ lead gen engine. These Modules are:

1. Focus on ONE product or service

2. Identify your BEST customer

3. TALK with the customer

4. Bring the customer to LIFE

5. ANSWER the customer’s questions

6. OFFER what the customer wants

7. Identify your BEST marketing tactics

8. Make it easy to be FOUND

9. CREATE & LAUNCH your Lead Gen campaign

Each one of these modules is important in and of itself. However, they must be completed in order for the System to come alive and work for you.

The Lead Gen System™ will help you focus on and apply the concepts that are essential in reaching your audience, connecting with them, and turning them into leads!


The Lead Gen System

Put in a “system” that makes lead generation a reality!