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lead generation system

There’s never been a system that connects marketing tools, channels, and tactics into a unified whole that produces leads on a consistent and predictable basis. Until now


The purpose of this website is to help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses successfully generate leads to grow their business. 

I know what it takes to generate leads from scratch. I did it myself. 

In 2013, I made the decision to start my own business. All began well. I tapped my personal network for leads and landed my first couple customers. But soon my network ran dry, and I needed to find brand new prospects. Head_Shot_Nov 2017_1

Generating leads is not easy. It takes hard work, persistence, and patience. Most importantly, in order to be successful - to consistently and predictably produce contacts interested in what you have to offer - you have to have a system

I learned the hard way. While you can find almost anything online, there is no good resource for learning how to generate leads. Sure, there's plenty of info on tactics (e.g., social media), techniques (e.g., Unicorn Marketing) and tools (e.g., Sumo), but all of this is useless if not applied to a proven process.

It's kind of like fishing: You have your rod, reel, and lures, but if you don't know where and how to fish . . . you're wasting your time. 

Don't waste your time. As small business owners, time is the most precious resource we have. And with limited resources (me, myself, and I), I needed to figure out how to generate leads as efficiently as possible. Without a plan to follow, I created my own. It took a while, with plenty of trial and error, but over time I developed a process that works. 

My goal is to share my success with you. I documented my process and turned it into The Lead Gen System™ - 9 steps to build your own lead gen machine that works!

The Lead Gen System

Get Real Leads & Find New Customers


Connect your marketing tools and tactics with a proven method for lead gen


Learn the best marketing channels to use to reach your target audience


Understand the language your prospects use to find your business


Generate better, qualified leads with this proven 9 Module system


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The 9 Keys to Lead Gen Reality

Disjointed marketing tools, channels, and tactics makes it’s tough to consistently and predictably get leads. And, nothing exists that connects all of these uncoordinated resources into a unified whole. Until now!  

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Website Lead Conversion Best Practices

The 27 things you need to optimize in your online marketing in order to achieve consistent and predicable lead conversion, including the definition of lead conversion and what's a good lead conversion rate.

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