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8 Keys to Landing Pages that Improve Your Lead Conversion

Posted by Greg Schraff

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The sole purpose of the Landing Page is to convert website visitors into qualified leads by promoting an Offer (and receiving their personal information in exchange).The landing page is the heard of your lead conversion process

But this definition doesn’t do the Landing Page justice. It’s more than that.

The Landing Page is the heart of the lead conversion process, literally and figuratively. Sandwiched between the Call-to-Action and the Thank You page, the Landing Page is the life-force of your conversion path.

As such, it needs to be done right. Below is a list of 8 best practices that must be in every landing page if you expect that page to be successful, to convert visitors to qualified leads.

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Landing Page Best Practices - 8 Essential Elements (Tweet This!)

1. Consistent Message & Theme:  prominently use the message and imagery from the Call-to-Action they clicked on to get the landing page in order to assure the visitor they are at the right place.

2. Clear, Action-Oriented Header:  Tell your visitors what they are getting and how to get it. E.g., “Download our Free Guide”.

3. Include a Relevant Image:  The image should always depict what the offer is. If it’s a consultation, include a picture of the person they will talk to. If it’s an e-book, include an image of the e-book.

4. Value / Benefit Statement:  Explain the offer, its value, and how it benefits the visitor in 3-10 sentences.

5. Use Numbers, Bullets, & Bolding:  Wherever possible, chunk, or break apart your copy to make it easier to read and digest. People like that!

6. Appropriate Form Length:  The length of the form and the personal information requested needs to mirror the value of the offer. Only ask for the information you need to get to the next phases of marketing, no more. E.g., If the offer is a one page tip sheet, First Name, Last Name, and Email address is appropriate. But if you are giving away 30 minutes of your time in the form of a consultation, you’ll want to ask more information about the person, their business needs, etc. in order to qualify the prospect.

7. Above the Fold:  Place all of this content above the fold. Make it easy for the visitor to find what he or she has come to the page looking for. If they need to scroll to find it, you may lose them.

8. Navigation:  Remove all menu navigation and links from the landing page. Links can only distract the visitor, providing an avenue off the page. The page's exclusive focus must be the offer and its value. You can include social “sharing” options on the page, but not social “following” options as this will only take them away from the landing page.


Your landing pages should be converting at a 20% rate. If not, review the best practices above and look to see what may be wrong.

Also, it’s a fact that the more landing pages you have the more leads online you generate. According to HubSpot, increasing your landing pages from10 to 15 increases your lead generation 55%.

Follow these best practices to create landing pages that generate more qualified leads. If you want to optimize all elements of your marketing for lead conversion, download our free guide:

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