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Generate More Qualified Leads with A Better Call-to-Action

Posted by Greg Schraff

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There are four parts to the lead conversion process. Get more qualified leads with a better call to action

In previous posts on this topic we covered three of them. In this post we will cover the last item, the Call-to-Action (CTA), and provide tips on how to create one that really works well.

To review, the four parts of the lead conversion process fit together like this: Offer > CTA > Landing Page > Thank You Page.

The CTA promotes the Offer. It is the actual button that prompts visitors to click on the offer you’re giving away. All four parts need to be working in concert if you want to optimize online lead management and generate qualified leads, and the CTA has a very important role in this process.

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The CTA’s main benefit is to drive traffic to the landing page. It is the first step in turning a regular website visit into a qualified lead. A good call-to-action speaks to the visitors and provides direction as to what they are supposed to do next.

As such, the CTA is not a text link, it has to be an actual button that calls out, “click on me to take the next action.” In creating your CTA button, follow these 5 best practices.

CTA Best Practices

Make it Action-Oriented
Don’t make visitors think; create a prescriptive path they can follow, providing direction as to what they should do next. Match words with action (e.g., Download, Receive, Request, etc.)

Include Language Consistent with Offer and Landing Page
There needs to be consistency in the descriptive language you use in the Offer, the Landing Page, and the CTA. For example, if you are offering a free dog training guide, the CTA should say something like: “Download the Free Dog Training Guide” and link to a landing page whose headline reads, “Free Dog Training Guide”.

Make it Attention-Grabbing
Make it clickable and button-like. Use design to make it juicy, inviting visitors to click. There are two factors to consider here: 1) the CTA must speak to your buyer’s persona, or your ideal visitor (think about what they prefer and how they navigate through your site) and 2) use a good accent color; use a color that is only used in a few other instances in order to draw attention to the button.

Ensure Appropriate On-Page Placement
Every page on your website needs at least one Call-to-Action (Tweet This!), but make sure the CTA is relevant to the page that it is on. The CTA is supposed to be the next logical step the user takes. As discussed above, think about the persona or mind-set of your visitor and match or align the CTA with the visitor’s interests and needs at that point on that page.

Test, Analyze, Test, Analyze
The mantra that “marketing is testing” applies in full force with the CTA. Pay close attention to the Views-to-Click % of the CTA button. The goal is to have between a 1-2% click rate of page views (or visits) to clicks on the CTA button. If the CTA is not performing well, swap it out with another one. Try different language, color, design, but keep track of the results of each CTA so you can learn, over time, what types of buttons work best.


In summary, follow the above best practices when creating your CTA buttons to ensure that the visitors to your web pages have the best chance to convert. If you are not making it clear as to what they need to do next you are losing out on opportunities. Make it simple, direct, and easy for visitors to take the next step down your lead conversion path.

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