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Lead With Your Strengths for Lead Conversion

Posted by Greg Schraff

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How to Apply your Businesses’ Strengths to your Lead Management StrategyUse your businesses' strengths for lead conversion

In the previous installment of the Lead Gen Blueprint series we looked at why it’s vitally important to clarify your business’ strengths and weaknesses: it allows you to focus your lead conversion efforts on what you do well while avoiding that which you don’t do well, which in turn allows you to target and attract the best possible customer or prospect

To this end, we recommend that you perform a traditional SWOT analysis. (Go here to receive a free SWOT template to assist you in putting together your analysis.)

As a way of review, identification of a SWOT is important because it informs the steps involved in aligning your Offer and Services with your Target Market, which is the ultimate formula for generating leads online

Now, with your analysis at hand, let’s apply the results to the actual process of getting qualified leads.

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Start first by looking closely at your Strengths because they can have the biggest impact on B2B sales leads.

Are your Strengths, what you really excel at as a business, well represented in the services you provide? And, is what you are really good at the focal point of your offer?

If not, you need to rethink some things. Your business will grow if you are doing more of what you do well:  satisfied and repeat customers are the result of putting out your best possible service. (Tweet This!)

Conversely, if your offer and services reflect, in any way, your Weaknesses, you aren’t going to attract the right prospect, or you will ultimately not create happy and delighted customers. If some of your weaknesses still need to be a part of what you offer, ensure that you are not leading with these services.

Opportunities are not as important in your lead management strategy as are your Strengths and Weaknesses, but pay attention to any customers, service offering, or areas of the marketplace you’ve identified as an opportunity. If any of these things are underserved they may represent low hanging fruit for lead generation.

And finally, Threats. Make sure that you aren’t pursuing prospects or customer acquisition strategies in areas that you’ve identified as limited or potentially threatening to your business.

After you’ve examined each category, and asked and answered questions that make the analysis relevant to your competitive advantage, look and see if you can utilize the output of your SWOT in your marketing messaging.

Emphasizing your Strengths and Opportunities, while downplaying your Weaknesses and Threats, can serve to differentiate your business. These points of differentiation can be used in your value proposition, your offer, and your services, making clear why your customers and prospects should work with you instead of your competition.

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