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How To Successfully Map Your Marketing to the Customer Journey

Posted by Greg Schraff

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What if you knew the questions your customers and prospects were asking at each stage of the sales process? (Tweet This!)map your marketing to the customer journey

If this were possible, you could reach out to them at any point in time and address their needs.

This surely would create satisfied prospects, and would most certainly move them along the customer journey, one step closer to buying your product or service.

Well, this is no hypothetical scenario. This is something you can actually execute yourself.

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The reality is that your customers and prospects consist of different traits and behaviors that dictate how they interact, purchase and consume your service.

If you want to differentiate, you need to understand the differences within your customer base and create targeted messaging - content specific to them, in their language, that they will understand and respond to. You need to create customer segments, or buyer personas, that will assist you in producing one-on-one conversations.

By understanding your customers and the their decision making process, you can craft more relevant marketing messaging that speaks to the needs of your prospects online and map the messaging to each step they take in the sales process.

This ‘mapping’ is done with a tool that we call the Messaging Matrix.

The Messaging Matrix combines the personas you have created with the customer journey.

map your messages to the customer buying cycle

Placing your personas on the Y axis and the stages of the customer buying cycle (i.e., Consider, Evaluate, Buy) on the X axis, you can identify the needs of your prospects and each stage. The result is that you know what the theme of your messaging needs to be and write the language that speaks to these needs.

For example, create a white paper on a topic that is more likely to gain the attention of your prospects when they first become aware of your product or service.

Or, know what points to emphasize in a product demonstration when the prospect is on the verge of making a purchase decision.

The more relevant and in-tune you are with your prospects, the better your messaging will be, and the more targeted it is at a specific buyer persona or segment, the greater its ability to reach and resonate with your audience as they consider, evaluate, and decide whether or not to buy your product or service.

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