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Marketing Success Means Marketing Focus

Posted by Greg Schraff

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"What you stay focused on will grow." - Roy T. Bennett

I recently updated The Lead Generation Blueprint, streamlining it from 15 to 9 steps by eliminating a couple elements that aren’t central to lead generation. The result is a much tighter and clearer Blueprint. A much more “focused” Blueprint.

And that’s the theme of this post, focus.

“Focus” is the very first element that I address with every single client I work with, because everyone who is struggling to attract prospects has failed to include it properly in their marketing recipe. Your marketing success depends upon your ability to focus.

There are many elements of your marketing strategy that you need to focus on, from your product to the keywords you use to gain visibility online, and everything in-between.

To evaluate your own marketing focus, take this quick test . . .

marketing success means marketing focus


1. Can you explain in 25 words or less what your business offers, how it’s special, who it’s for, and how they benefit? (they key here is the 25 words or less part, your message needs to be tight, tight, tight!)

2. Is your answer from question #1 clearly articulated on your homepage and in your marketing for all your customers to see?

3. Do you know what channels (e.g., email, search engines, Facebook, trade shows) your customers use most often to get their information, and what marketing tactics (e.g., blogging, cold calling, free trial) will best reach them?


If you answered "No" to one or more of these questions, you’re not properly focused. And that’s where The Lead Generation Blueprint comes in. Like any good blueprint, it’s a plan to follow when building something to ensure a successful outcome. In the case of lead generation, if you want to consistently and predictably get leads you need to have a plan in place with which to follow.

That said, a blueprint is still just a detailed diagram, drawing, or program as to how something needs to be laid out. It is not the actual thing itself. There is still the work to be done.

For this, I created The Lead Generation System™, the first of its kind to coordinate all of your own business’s required marketing resources into a unified system.

And the genesis behind both the Blueprint and the System: Focus



It is well documented that over 80% of customers make their buying decision before they talk with someone in an organization.

So, you must proactively provide your customers what it is they want – the answer to the question that only your business can provide (this is one of the 9 steps of successfully creating your own Lead Generation System™)

In today's marketing environment, however, simply buying search terms on Google or bombarding your prospects with email and social media isn’t going to cut it. You have to do more.

You have to understand your customers so well that you know which message resonates with them at the various touch points along their buying journey and deliver the message successfully via the online channel they are using at that moment.

But how do you do this?

The answer (which you should know by now) is . . . Focus!

You need to know your customers – you need to know their needs and wants in order to know the question they are asking.

When you focus on your target market, your product/service, and your offer (among other elements of your marketing) you not only generate more leads you also attract great clients  clients who clearly see the rare value you can bring to their business.

When you DON'T focus your marketing efforts you risk casting a wider net than you need to, which may attract prospects, but will attract the wrong prospects – those who don’t value what makes you special.

But by focusing you can cut through the clutter to reach your prospects, connect with them, and turn them into leads.

Here’s a couple more tests for you to take to see if you’re properly focused:

Do you know exactly who your customers are? For example,

* Can you define, without hesitation, your target market?

* Can your employees accurately describe your ideal prospect?

* Do you know your customers most important and urgent needs?


Do you know where your customers are and how to reach them? For example,

* Do you know which services are most important to your target audience?

* Do you know where your customers get their information and the best channels to use to reach them?

* Is your Offer made available for your prospects to see?


Does your marketing address your customers’ needs? For example,

* Is your unique value proposition aligned with your customers' needs and presented in a way they understand?

* Is your message believable – is it genuine, relevant, and useful to your customers?

* Is your offer differentiated from the competition?


In order to generate more leads, you have to know exactly who you are targeting.

You also need to know where your customers are – from what sources they are getting their information.

And you have to reach them with a message that is believable.

In order to accomplish this effectively, you need to put the customer at the center of your business.

The Lead Generation System™ includes 9 such “tests” that you need to take in order to ensure that your customers are at the center of your business, providing the focus and clarity you need to generate qualified leads. 

lead generation blueprint


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