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Mobile’s All-Important Impact on Your Small Business SEO

Posted by Greg Schraff

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I recently wrote about the increase in SEO activity due to the increase in content marketing: in an effort to draw attention to a brand’s products and services, more and more content is being produced and as a result search-engine-optimization plays a major role in the success of the content marketing campaign.

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If SEO’s importance is increasing, then what is the relationship of SEO and another area of rapid growth - mobile devices?

Each year the number of people who rely on mobile devices for their search and browsing needs rises. The businesses that make the greatest amount of effort to service these consumers will be the ones getting the most visibility and the most new business.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at small business SEO requirements, mobile, and its impact on your business. (Tweet This!)

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Much of the online discovery of content is now happening on mobile:

"Depending on the client, we are seeing at least a 50% growth in client revenue from mobile," said Jeremy Cornfeldt, U.S. president of iProspect, a large digital marketing agency. Referencing Google's 92% growth in mobile ad search revenue from 2013 to 2014, Cornfeldt observes, "It's safe to say that clients are seeing massive growth in mobile traffic and sales."

This trend – one that we identified with respect to email marketing – leads to a need for responsive web design.

Up until recently, mobile SEO requirements have been fairly straightforward. You just needed to build your site using responsive design so that it formatted properly regardless of whether it’s accessed via a PC, phone, tablet, or other device. Responsive design didn’t have much effect on your search engine rankings, but it created a good user experience, which means your customers are more willing to come back for more.

Starting on April 21st of 2015, however, this changed. Now, having your site optimized for mobile does impact your SEO requirements.

Google made an update to its ranking algorithm that evaluates sites as either being mobile friendly or not.

With the trend towards mobile devices, Google’s interest is in creating a good user experience, which means it will rank the sites that are optimized for mobile higher than the sites that aren’t optimized for mobile.

What does this mean for your business website? It means you need to get your site optimized for mobile. Google has created a ‘mobile friendly SEO test’ that allows you to see if your site is optimized or not.

If you are not designing and creating content with mobile in mind you are missing out on opportunities. More and more people each day are using their mobile devices to access the internet, and these people expect a consistent experience across platforms. The businesses who give it to them are going to be the winners in the years to come.


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