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The Secret to Attracting the Best Prospects Online

Posted by Greg Schraff

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Your company probably offers many different services.

In order to attract and generate the best, qualified leads for your business, however, it’s important that you emphasize and promote the right servicesThe secret to the best prospects online

Concentrate on the services that are most valuable to your target audience, and which directly support your Offer

Then, align your services with your customer’s online behavior and the marketing channels they use to get their information.

There are five best practices to ensure that you are promoting the services that will attract your best prospects and customers.

In this blog post we are going to cover the first one of these: Services Alignment.

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It is paramount that you identify the services for which you provide the most specialized, high value outcomes for your customers and your business.

Why is this so important?

You may have heard or read this from me before, but I have found that everyone who struggles to attract visitors, generate leads, and convert them to sales – in other words, to grow their business online - has not had the required degree of online marketing FOCUS!

Focusing on the services that have the best outcome for your customers and your business means that you are putting your best foot forward, leading with the highest quality product you provide.

If you have something that delights your customers – which makes them the happiest, brings them the most value, leaves them commenting favorably on your work – it will more than likely attract and delight a larger audience with similar interests and needs.

Remember, it’s an incredibly crowded and competitive business landscape and you need all the points of differentiation you can get. If you have a product or service that is valuable, you have to get it out in front of the right people. Focusing your energies and efforts will reflect a more genuine level of marketing and accentuate the high product quality.

Focus on the problem you solve & put out lots of content & enthusiasm about
how to solve that problem (Tweet This!)

This is especially important, and practical, for small businesses, or businesses getting started, because resources are limited. The reality is, you simply can’t be everything to everyone even if you wanted to, so it makes sense to focus on what you do best!

The flip side, of course, is spreading yourself thin and, less effectively, putting forth an array of products or services whose breadth of offering may apply to a wider audience but whose lack of quality will be more easily overlooked.

Yes, you may attract prospects online by casting a wider net, but you’ll attract prospects who don’t value what makes your business special, which means you will need to compete on price, which ultimately means your customers won’t treat you or your business with the respect you deserve.

When you focus on the Services you do best, and align them with your Target Market and Offer you not only generate more qualified leads you also attract great clients . . . clients who clearly see the rare value you can bring to their business.

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