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The Answer to The Biggest Small Business Marketing Challenge

Posted by Greg Schraff

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The main challenge faced by small business today, and frankly all marketers, is . . .the answer to small business makreting challenge

. . . how do you cut through the clutter to not only reach your target audience but be heard?

But before we get to the answer, first, as the saying goes, there is good news and there is bad news.


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The good news is there are tools and social media platforms today that democratize marketing. Small and medium sized businesses can create an online presence as impressive as the largest corporate brands. Even individuals can become significant publishers.

The bad news is the same tools and platforms that serve to even the playing field have contributed to an explosion of information and content, particularly with respect to the increasing volume of advertising and marketing.

Simply put, there is MORE and MORE stuff out there for us to discover, consider, consume, and be distracted by.

As marketers, the challenge is how do you not only cut through the clutter to reach your target audience but be heard?

The answer . . . Focus! 

Focus your audience. Focus your message. Focus your offering. In short, focus your marketing lens.

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The answer to the biggest small business marketing challenge - how do you cut through the clutter to reach your target audience and be heard? Focus!

Here is the key: You must proactively provide your customers what it is they want.

Because there is soooo much competing for our time and attention, it is paramount that YOU proactively PROVIDE your customers what it is they want. There are two ways of doing this.

1) Make it easy for people to find what it is they are looking for 

2) Deliver something that is relevant and useful to your customer

Simple enough, you say, but how do you do this?

The answer is, as we said before, Focus!the answer to small business makreting challenge

In this case, focus on your customer.

Understand your customers so well that you know which message resonates with them at the various touch points along their buying decision journey, and send the message successfully via the online channel they are using at that moment. 

You also want to understand your customer so well that you are creating content that speaks directly to their needs and wants, making it easier for them to find you.

Unless and until you know your customers, their personas, bombarding them with email and social media is just irrelevant noise that will eventually be tuned out, and simply buying search terms on Google without real knowledge of your customer reduces the search engine to a crude tool. You have to do more.

Your B2B customers are being proactive in looking for what they want – it’s commonly known that approximately 60% of business decision are made before your customer actually has direct contact with the vendor.

If you aren’t in a position to be found then someone else will fill that void - B2B customers will find your competition before they find you. And, if you can also cut through the clutter to reach your customer, it eliminates the search component all together, reducing the chance that they’ll even find your competitor in the first place.

Get to know your customers. Understand precisely who they are, and the different segments that exist, and target them with content that they find beneficial, valuable, and helpful. THAT is marketing worth paying for.

Because if you don’t, someone else will (hint: your competitor).


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