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The Key to Successful Small Business Digital Marketing: Part 2

Posted by Greg Schraff

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The Second Step to Better Leads & Loyal Customers: Understand Your Customer

Understand your customer to generate qualified leads and more loyal clients

In our original blog post on the the Customer Decision Journey, or Customer Buying Cycle, we identified the two marketing elements you need in order to identify the moments when your marketing spend and messaging is most likely to reach your prospect and have the maximum influence:

  1. You have to understand the steps your customers take along the Customer Journey
  2. You have to understand your customers

The Customer Decision Journey enables you to understand the steps your customers take as they consider, evaluate, buy and interact with your product or service. In this post we are going to look at the other part of the equation: understanding your customers.

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“Move away from what you think to what your customer thinks.” (Tweet this!)

The best way to understand your customers is to talk to them. Generate a list of questions for each stage of the Customer Journey. Then, conduct a survey – either in person, via phone, or online – and ask your customers what they think of your product or service. Talking with your customers is the most direct way of learning about their attitude toward your product or service and it allows you to move away from what you think to what your customer thinks.

Talking with your customers allows you to:

  • Reveal Differentiators – what is unique about your product or service, what do customers appreciate, and what are you really good at
  • Confirm/Identify Opportunities – both those that you know exist and those you might not have thought about previously
  • Clarify Messaging – what you need to communicate and which obstacles you need to overcome
  • Identify Gaps – understand what gaps exist between what you offer and what your customers want

Here are some sample survey questions you may want to ask as they pertain to each phase of the Customer Decision Journey:

1. Consider: What causes your prospects to think about your product or service? And what event(s) triggers the journey toward engagement with your business?

2. Evaluate: What information and sources are your prospects using to evaluate your services? Where are they getting this information, and how much of it is being pushed to them by you as opposed to them finding this information on their own?
3. Buy: How and why do your prospects engage with your company? What friction do they encounter during this process? And what alternatives to buying from you do they consider?
4. Experience, Advocate, Bond: Is the product or service experience consistent with the customer’s pre-sale expectations? Are your customer’s motivated to promote your product or service, and are there mechanisms built into the experience that allow them to easily share their experiences with other prospects? And are you establishing a customer for life?
A more detailed set of questions can be downloaded here. Depending upon the answers to these questions, you can identify the areas where you are doing well and the areas that can be improved.

With the gaps identified, you can review the content and tactics being used to reach your prospects and prioritize an approach, focusing on the initiatives that will give your small business digital marketing the biggest bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time.


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