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The Lead Conversion Equation Explained

Posted by Greg Schraff

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The Customer Buying Cycle: Know Where Your Prospects Are & How to Reach Them

Because customers proactively seek product and service information on their own, their exposure to your business is often outside of your control, and their decision process is anything but linear.

The lead conversion equation explainedDespite these challenges, it is possible to map the path your prospects take when deciding to buy your service.

The customer buying cycle, or customer journey, enables you to understand the steps your customers take as they consider, evaluate, buy and interact with your service.

And knowing where your prospects are in their decision process is critical to generating qualified leads.

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Insight into where your prospects are in the customer journey allows you to target messaging that addresses the questions they have at that particular moment in the buying cycle.

By answering their questions you are able to satisfy their needs at one stage and move them to the next phase of the customer journey, at which point you can serve them messaging that satisfies their needs at this new stage, effectively advancing your prospects down the sales path.

Of course, understanding where your prospects are on the customer journey is the first half of the lead conversion equation – it allows you to reach them where they are.

The second half of the equation is answering the questions your prospects have at each stage of the purchase cycle.

But, if you are going to answer the questions they have at each stage you obviously need to know what questions they are asking.

The only way you are going to do this is to know who your customers are.

Thus, the lead conversion equation (Tweet This!):


Know where your customers are on the buying cycle 

Answer the questions they have at each stage


The ability to deliver the right message at the right time

(which is the ultimate goal of marketing)


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