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The Most Common Mistake With Generating B2B Leads

Posted by Greg Schraff

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Why the Thank You page is an often overlooked, but extremely
important piece of the online lead conversion process. 

The Thank You page is essential for lead conversion
The online lead generation process is like a chain that is only as strong as its weakest link (Tweet This!).

Each element – Offer, CTA, Landing Page, Thank You page  links to the next, and if one is missing or poorly executed your prospective lead will drop out of the process, potentially lost forever.

Too many times I see businesses fail on one or more of these elements. Unfortunately, if just one of the four is not in place or is poorly executed your entire lead conversion efforts are at risk.

Here is why all four elements are important, and why the Thank You Page is often the source of poorly executed conversion paths.

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While the sole purpose of your conversion process is to turn website visitors into qualified, B2B leads, without a compelling Offer no visitor is going to convert. An offer is like a carrot that we dangle in front of the site’s visitors to tempt them into giving us their contact information. If the offer is useful enough to them, they'll happily give us their contact information in exchange for it. Different types of offers include free samples, tip or fact sheet, how-to guides, whitepapers, and infographics.


Call-to-Action (CTA)

The CTA is the button that prompts visitors to click on the Offer we are giving away. It is the first actual step the website visitor takes in the lead conversion process. The CTA links to the Landing Page, and its sole purpose is to drive traffic to the Landing Page, so it must be clear, compelling, and actionable. Since the CTA is a clickable button it can be measured in terms of total number of views, clicks, and submissions.


Landing Page

The Landing Page is the heart of the lead conversion process, and its sole purpose is to convert website visitors into qualified leads online. It promotes the Offer, asking visitors to fill out a form with their information in order to get the Offer in exchange. The more landing pages you have the more leads you generate. HubSpot reports a 55% increase in lead generation when you increasing the number of Landing Pages on your site from 10 to 15.


Thank You Page

Because it’s the last step in the conversion process, the Thank You Page is often the most overlooked element; it also comes after you’ve captured the lead so there is sense that your job is done. But it is not. Neglect the Thank You Page at your own peril!

What does the Thank You Page actually do, you ask, and why is it so important? Well, let me tell you. The Thank You Page:

1) Delivers the Offer

2) Thanks the new lead for signing up to get the Offer (which provides customer satisfaction and begins to build loyalty)

3) Provides addition information and direction for what the lead should do next

Many small business deliver the Offer at the Landing Page stage. This is a mistake that is not consistent with lead generation best practices.

Once the lead submits their personal information on the Landing Page they should immediately be taken to the Thank You Page – a full-blown page on your website. This page not only allows you to boost your SEO efforts but it is at this point in the conversion process where you have the lead’s utmost attention  they just proactively filled out a form and are awaiting something from you! 

You must come through by delivering what they expect on the Thank You Page.

Not only that, but because they are a captive audience it is the best time to make recommendations about what they should do next.

For example, if you are offering a white paper on the benefits of accounting software, and the lead has gone through the process of getting the whitepaper, the next step would be to explain that your company actually sells an accounting software package, and provide a link to your product page. Voilà! You’ve continued the lead down the buyers journey!

Don’t cut corners by delivering the Offer on the Landing Page or resorting to an inline pop up to deliver the Offer, because the Thank You Page can provide additional information and continue marketing to your lead. And, a Thank You page allows you to track the lead’s progress and capture more data about their online activity.

Remember, the customer acquisition process is like a chain which is only as strong as its weakest link: if you fall down on the job with any one of the four elements your conversion process is weak, if not broken, and you end up leaving a lot of small business leads, and potential customers, on the table.

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