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The Process for Creating a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Posted by Greg Schraff

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Congratulations!How to Create a B2B Lead Generation Campaign

You’ve done all the research and work required to understand your Target Market, craft your Offer, and align your Services to reach and resonate with the best sales prospects and customers for your business.

Now it’s time to put it all into action! 

It’s time to create a campaign that draws upon all the steps in the Lead Generation Blueprint and start generating new sales leads online!

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Here’s the process to follow in designing your campaign . . . (Tweet This!)

  1. Identify your campaign audience

  2. Determine the best customer touch point & marketing channel to use

  3. Choose the product or service you are going to promote

  4. Create your offer

  5. Craft your message

  6. Optimize with keywords

  7. Launch!

1. Identify Your Campaign Audience

Who are we talking to here? Understand your buyer persona before launching into a campaign so you can target them correctly.


2. Determine The Best Customer Touch Point & Marketing Channel to Use

Reference your Heat Map to identify the best marketing channel or tactic to use and the touch point along the customer journey that you want to target.


3. Choose the Product or Service You Are Going to Promote

Choose your product or service offering that is best aligned with where your customers get their information and the channels they use to get it.


4. Create your Offer

Your offer has to be the most tangible deliverable or benefit that you provide your customers. Then, you need to articulate this benefit in phrasing that makes it immediately clear the value it adds and how your offer differs from the competition.

There are many forms your offer can take, and to help you create an offer and message that is relevant and useful to your target market, answer these questions.


5. Craft your Message

Create targeted messaging, content specific to your prospects and customers, in language they will understand and respond to, and map the messaging to each step they take in the sales process.

This ‘mapping’ is done with a tool that we call the Messaging Matrix. The result is that you know what the theme of your messaging needs to be and write the language that speaks to these needs.


6. Optimize with Keywords

When it comes to lead generation, keywords are what everything is built upon.

Make sure your campaign is SEO friendly, that way interested prospects will find your campaign long after you stop actively promoting it.

Keywords help prospects understand what your business does, and by using keywords in your offers you can convert visitors to qualified leads!


7. Launch!

To help you launch your campaign, download our free inbound marketing checklist. This checklist contains 10 action items you need to check-off to ensure a successful inbound marketing campaign.

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