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Use Twitter to Increase Leads Online, For Free

Posted by Greg Schraff

At one point, not long ago, I was not too keen on Twitter’s ability to generate clicks and leads.

But I’ve since changed my mind. Use Twitter to increase B2B leads online

I’ve learned first-hand that Twitter actually can be very effective at lead generation – to the tune of over one new lead a day, and growing. And this from having zero leads a day just 6 months ago.

Best of all, I’m not spending a dime of my money to do this, just the time and effort I put in.

Here’s how I learned to use Twitter to increase my leads online, for Free!


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The three things you need to know about Twitter to generate clicks and leads is VolumeRelevancy and Quality.

Twitter is not referred to as the ‘cocktail party’ of social media for nothing.

Twitter is busy, noisy, and bubbly.

Conversations happen in pockets, and you have to speak loud enough to be heard.

And you have to speak.

Just listening to and taking in all the chatter is perfectly fine, unless you want someone to take notice and actually pay attention to what you are saying. You could have the most important message in the world, and it may be incredibly relevant to someone in the room, but if they don’t hear you they’ll never know you are there.

What this means is, you need to speak (tweet) with Volume – not just above the din but frequently.

You also need to make sure that when you do speak you are consistent with your message – this will give you the greatest chance that when your target audience does hear you that you are saying something they can immediately relate to – Relevancy.

Finally, you need to add value. You need to have something of Quality to say, something that is useful and meaningful to your audience, which addresses questions they are looking to have answered. lead conversion tips for Twitter

Volume of Tweets & Followers

Every business needs to find their own sweet spot, but if you want to generate clicks my experience is that you need to be tweeting multiple times an hour.

What?!?! Who has time to tweet multiple times an hour?

The answer is, no one (unless you actually have a social media staff and can afford to hire someone whose job it is to tweet, but if that were the case you probably wouldn’t be reading this post).

The truth is, you need to automate.

There are many excellent tools available that allow you to bulk upload and automatically schedule your tweets.

My top recommendations are Hootsuite, Buffer, Post Planner and Social Oomph.

All are excellent places to start, and they allow you to create an account and automatically schedule tweets for free. Unfortunately, they all have a limit to how many tweets you can bulk upload, so if you need to increase your volume in order to start seeing clicks you’ll need to upgrade. The good news is that the upgrade isn’t that expensive, around $10/month. SocialPilot let’s you to bulk upload the most amount of tweets at the free level, and at volume it’s the least expensive ($5/month).

I definitely believe these types of services are worth the cost.

My recommendation is to tweet hourly for at least 12 hours a day, but you should play around with the volume to learn what volume starts to generate engagement.


Try to get to 1,000 Followers.

Why 1,000?

It’s not a magic number, but in my experience this is where you start to experience the tipping point, and it’s a good goal to shoot for.

The best way to get followers is to follow other people. Look at the profiles of folks who you are targeting – people who will get value out of your tweets. Find the common themes they have in their bios and search for those terms to locate your audience. Follow these people. If after a week or so they don’t follow you back, then you should Unfollow them. If you are consistent in doing this practice once a day, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your followers grow.

Here are 25 additional tips on how to get Twitter followers.

Just be careful not to go overboard. According to Twitter, they monitor all accounts for aggressive following and follow churn (repeatedly following and unfollowing large numbers of other users). But if you don’t follow or unfollow hundreds of users in a single day, and you aren’t using automated methods of following users, you should be fine.

Relevancy of Tweets

Follow those folks who are your target prospects, whose profile fits who you are targeting.

Take my case, for example.

I run an online lead generation company, and I tweet tips, insights, and best practices about how to generate leads. Although I get a lot of Likes, Retweets and Follows from folks who also practice online marketing (because the content I post is interesting to them), counter intuitively, the people who I want to target (small businesses who want to generate leads to fuel their sales) aren’t necessarily interested in or promote “lead generation” and “online marketing”in their profile. It’s not what they do. They do, however, use terms like “business” “entrepreneur”, “founder”, “consultant” and other words representative of someone starting or running a small business. It is these people who I want to follow. I hope that they follow back and see the content I post, which, if they are looking to increase their leads, will be appealing to them.

Quality of Tweets

Along with volume and relevancy of tweets, you also need to be producing quality content. Just because my tweets are about lead generation, if they aren’t valuable and useful to my followers nobody is going to respond to them.

Some things are obvious, such as don’t tweet the same content over and over again, and space out your tweets so they don’t inundate your followers all at once.

Here’s a list of proven techniques for getting more engagement with your tweets.

  • Use more links: link clicks are by far the biggest way users interact with content, accounting for 92% of all user interaction with tweets.

  • Tell people exactly what to do: Salesforce found that tweets that specifically ask followers to “Retweet” receive 12x higher retweet rates than those that did not.

  • Keep it simple: tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement, according to recent studies.

  • Tweet during the weekend: research found that Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Use more images: tweets with images get 2x the engagement rate of those without, according to Buffer.

  • Use more hashtags: tweets that include hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted than those without.

  • Stop talking about your brand: some studies found that tweets without self-reference perform better than tweets containing some form of self-reference.

  • Put the URL in the middle of your tweet: you are 26% more likely to get retweeted if you put the URL in the middle of your tweet than if you put it at the begging or the end.


    Of course, just because someone clicks on your tweet doesn’t mean they’ll convert to a contact. As they saying goes, if you are getting a lot of clicks but no leads, look to your landing page as the culprit.

    And finally, here are a couple Twitter rules to pay attention to that will keep you out of trouble in your quest to use Twitter for lead generation.

    Multiple account abuse: Creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses or in order to evade the temporary or permanent suspension of a separate account is not allowed.

    Spam: If you post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account you could get flagged as a spammer. This will put a quick halt to your lead gen efforts.

    Get More Followers Fast: Be wary of third party applications to “Get More Followers Fast!” You may encounter websites or applications claiming they can help you get lots of followers quickly. These programs may ask for payment for followers, or ask you to follow a list of other users in order to participate. Using these is not allowed, and it's not going to get you the type of followers who you want for your business.


    Remember, Twitter isn’t a race to get the most followers. If you follow users that you’re interested in and post meaningful content, it’s more likely that legitimate users will find you and read your updates. People follow other users on Twitter to read updates that are interesting to them. 

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