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A Digital Marketing Company Dedicated to Lead Generation

"If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there."
- Yogi Berra

Growing your business is a bit like planning a trip. First, you need to know your destination. Then you need to understand how you’re going to get there. There will ultimately be more than one route or mode of transportation you can take. In some cases there may be so many choices as to be overwhelming, but ultimately, you decide upon the options that best suit your needs and budget, and you create an itinerary. When the designated day arrives, you pack your bags and follow your travel plans.

Similarly, in order to grow your business, you not only need to know where you want to go but how you are going to get there.

digetry was created to help you navigate digital marketing by providing subject matter expertise, combined with knowledge of your customers, to identify, setup and manage the processes, tactics and tools that can save you time and money while providing enterprise level marketing results.


digetry is led by Greg Schraff. Greg is a digital strategist providing thought leadership on small business digital marketing. He has 20 years of experience across the entire digital landscape, working with industry leaders such as AOL, Omniture, and Adobe to help define and refine online marketing, as well as starting and managing professional services companies, such as Grobit Media, Brooks Bell Interactive, and now digetry. Greg’s unique exposure to this full spectrum gives him the insight and ability to bring world-class strategy and marketing to businesses of all sizes.

Greg is also a certified HubSpot Marketing Platform practitioner - fully capable and skilled in Inbound Methodology and HubSpot software use. To acheive this recognition, Greg has demonstrated a mastery of the real-world application of inbound theory and practice using the HubSpot software. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses make sense of all the digital marketing options and identify those online channels that are uniquely suited to your company’s ability to generate qualified sales leads.

"With all the tools and data available to today’s marketer, there is no excuse for not developing a customer focused marketing approach except one’s unwillingness to tap into this knowledge base, understand your customer, their behaviors, and how they use and don’t use your product or service."

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